Your Journey While Building Your New Home

Experience across a range of building services

At Eldridge Homes we will be delighted to;

  • Design and build your new home single or two storey.
  • Build your new home or development off existing design plans when reviewed by Eldridge homes.
  • Design and construct your multi unit development for the investor that wants to hold and lease or the investor that wants to on sell.
  • Demolish and rebuild.
  • Design and build your extension or build from your existing extension plans when reviewed by Eldridge homes.

Complete Design Service

At Eldridge Homes we provide a complete design service. We submit plans to council for approval and inform you of your progress within the relevant local authorities so you know how your application is progressing. We provide all necessary insurances for construction and provide after sale service.

What to expect when building a new home

Your Aspirations

Whether you want to build a new custom built home, enhance your life style in an exsisting home with an addition or renovation or utilize land/property for investment or personal use to create a multi development, Eldridge Homes is here to help. Whatever your aspirations are, we will provide professional one on one service second to none.

Your First Step

After you have made contact with us we will arrange a meeting with you at your choice of location, this will be a light hearted meeting that our builder will listen to you, your ideas and what your wants and needs are.

What to Have Ready for Us for your Free Estimate

Please bring along your designed concept sketches or plans, photos of design ideas or material you wish to include or plans of your exsisting house with alterations sketched. This allows for instant recognition by our builder of what you want to achieve. It speeds up the entire process and allow for points of discussion on the day. Making these copies available to us to take away also allows us to make sure that all your ideas, needs and wants are addressed in the concept plan. We will review your plans if you have already had them drawn up by an architect or building designer.

Understanding and Fine Tuning Your Requirements

Our builder will compile a short list of questions from this meeting after listening and viewing your ideas so we can fine tune our understanding of your requirements. When all relevant information is gathered we will advise you of the approximate costs and time frame at that stage.

Preliminary Agreement

From here we will work together to develop a concept drawing which will be used as the basis for your architectural drawings after signing a preliminary agreement which a fee is required. These concept drawings can only be done after viewing the site, obtaining surveyed contour details and relevant documentation. Once this concept drawing has been completed we can meet to discuss and review your proposed plans.

When concept drawings are agreed upon and you are satisfied we will revisit your project and provide you with a base model of the costing including your selections which we have assisted you with to make sure we are on budget. We will then submit your concept plans for planning approval and send you two copies of the plans one to keep and one to sign and return. Once returned we will forward the plans and relevant paperwork to your bank to complete your finance approval.

Preparing Contract Documents

We will commence with the architectural and engineered drawings and a basic specification list of all items to be included. When all relevant information has been supplied by you promptly we can arrange for the contract signing using a Standard MBA building contract. Once contract signing has taken place we can submit your plans and documentation to the local authority to obtain a building licence and permits to commence your project you can put your mind at rest that there will be no hidden costs. We inform you of your progress within the relevant local authorities so you know how your application is progressing. We provide all necessary insurances for construction and provide after sale service. Around 4 weeks later we will have the prestart meeting, this will give you time to make your colour selection, and selections of fixtures, fittings and tiles etc. We can also refer you on to an interior designer if you need help with your selections.

3-D Plans

We can also provide you with a three dimensional internal or external perspective of what our or your design will look like before we commence construction. Please enquire when you meet with our builder for more details.

Construction Phase

During construction the registered builder and manager of Eldridge homes will supervise the entire construction process personally from start to finish, you will deal directly with him that is how we expect service should be at Eldridge Homes.

Client Involvement

We will have pre arranged meetings throughout the building process so you’re involved and we can also schedule meetings on site if you desire at other times. The Builder will ensure that all t are crossed and I are dotted so we achieve the highest possible standards and service for you.


When the project has reached practical completion we will arrange a meeting where we will meet on site to go through our project together. This allows us to rectify any items quickly that may be outstanding, complete any final paperwork and give you everything that belongs to your home.

Our Commitment

When people are building or renovating they expect the best and they deserve it. The question you need to ask yourself, will the builder devote the time and expertise that is required to achieve the best, or is your potential dream one of a dozen or two dozen or even more homes that they will be building at the time?

Will the person that’s overseeing your home be the builder, have a builders licence or will they be an employee supervising your job from day to day without a licence?

At Eldridge Homes when you build with us you will be one of a few clients and the builder will have time to assist you every step of the way in the building process. This is what makes us unique.

We provide a 6 year warranty from the time of our practical completion meeting and 6 months maintenance and after sale service. At Eldridge Homes we strive to make you a repeat customer and we don’t rely on a huge advertising budget to attract clients.

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