Frequently Asked Questions (New Homes & Renovations)

Is Eldridge Homes linked, associated or owned by any other building company?

Eldridge Homes has been a proud member of the Master Builders Association since 2007, it is a truly independent building company which is 100% self funded and is not influenced by other companies self interests. We believe Eldridge Homes is capable of inspiring individuality in design and we have the ability to cater for every client’s individual needs.

Can Eldridge Homes help us with obtaining finance and investment advice?

We cannot directly give financial or investment advice but we have contacts within the industry that can assist you with all your financial and investment needs. They will meet you at home at a time that is convenient for you. If you already have advice a second opinion might come in handy so please consider.

If we decide to have Eldridge homes design our new custom built home and price to prepare for contract who owns the rights to the plans?

You own the copyright if we work from your sketches and ideas, we are preparing a contract from your ideas to build for your home.

If we decide to do a renovation or addition do we have to move out?

We individually assess every project, establish what work is required and depending on the complexity and nature of the project we will advise you of what is in your best interest as far as occupying the exsisting residence. We can build temporary walls to separate your living space from the work area and can provide temporary cooking and shower facilities. (We will provide after hours contact numbers for these types of projects)

When I sign the preliminary agreement with Eldridge Homes what will happen next?

We are authorized to proceed with a number of tasks which will be noted on the agreement, they may include.

Contour Survey of your block.
Site report of your block by qualified engineers.
Development of a concept drawing from a sketch ,the concept drawing will evolve to then produce the final Architectural drawings with your assistance.
Specifications of your new project.
Structural Engineering plans for the preparation of the building contract.
Obtain prices on individual items to reduce provisional sums.
Submit plans and apply for permits to local authorities and the water authority.

When I sign the preliminary agreement what is required by me to help with the preparation of documents?

Commitment fee has been settled. Signed Preliminary Agreement.
Signed sketch and proposed site plan.
Plan Number of your block.
Copy of Certificate of Title or Copy of the offer and acceptance of your block if it hasn’t settled yet.
Any Covernets of your estate.
Pre approval of finance or for cash clients to have a copy of their most recent bank statement accompanied by a letter from the bank confirming that the funds are available solely for the building of your new home, development or addition.

What changes can I make before the prestart meeting?

Items that you can change for example are:

  • Adding internal doors.
  • Changing cabinet finishing’s e.g. gloss veneer, laminates, painted gloss veneer.
  • Changing brick colour.
  • Changing splash backs to kitchen from tile to glass.
  • Adding decorative external mouldings and partial rendering to nominated areas.
  • Modifying robe door to sliders and or Robe and mirror finishes.
  • Changing style and types of fixtures and fittings.

When do I pay the builder for the progress of my project?

We will inform and point out to you when and how to pay and it is usually at the completion of a stage in construction for example brickwork complete. This will be explained in full when we work through the Master Builders Home Building Work Contract. This is a standard industry contract which is used widely throughout Australia so you can put your mind at ease. We will also supply you with a copy of the Home Building Contracts Act which will inform and make you aware of your rights.

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