About Eldridge Homes - An Independant Perth Home Builder

Eldridge Homes, the building company, was created by the founding director because of his passion for the building industry, the people involved in the industry and the excitement of providing clients with the joy and opportunity of moving into a new home.

Master Builders Association Member

Eldridge Homes has been a proud member of the Master Builders Association since 2007. We are a truly independent home builder which is 100% self funded and is not influenced by other companies self interests. We believe Eldridge Homes is capable of inspiring individuality in design and we have the ability to cater for every client’s individual needs.

Why Choose Eldridge Homes?

We provide one of the few services in Perth where all clients receive a personable, honest and flexible experience that is priceless. All interaction from initial negotiations, concept plan, the construction process, handover of the new home and the six months maintenance are all handled and overseen by our builder. This ensures that you have the full attention of Eldridge Homes. The client’s needs are always put first above all.


At Eldridge Homes, we don’t have a standard range of display homes purely for the fact that every custom designed home should be developed to suit a client’s lifestyle, needs and aspirations. We know that one shoe doesn’t fit all these days. A custom designed house should not be considerably more expensive than your typical standard similar specification display home at the display village. Why have the same as everyone in your street when you can have an individual designed home that suits your needs?

It might mean more preliminary work for us but that’s why Eldridge Homes are different. We will price and allow provisions of approximate construction costs based on the specifications of your plans, a service many builders do not offer. If you do not yet met with an architect or building designer, we will work with you on your own rough sketches to prepare a concept plan. Our builder is happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas and requirements and ensure that we both understand and are clear about your goals.

Our Focus – true quality

A term that all home builders use is “quality”; they provide “quality”. What is “quality” and how is it achieved? Eldridge Homes believes that quality is achieved and is determined by experience, attention to detail and time. All these elements work hand in hand and if any one of these elements go missing then quality suffers or it’s not there at all. Eldridge Homes will give you and your new home, development or addition, experience, attention to detail and most importantly time. Don’t be mistaken by others perceptions of quality.

Sharing Our Experience

Eldridge Homes owner and director, Jensen Oliphant, has lived his life in Western Australia and has seen a variety of changes to all aspects of the building industry. With 20 years of building industry experience in this state, one of the biggest changes that he has noticed over the two decades is the sizing of blocks and that it is vital to make the most out of your available space. A policy of one shoe does not fit all these days and flexibility is required for all building projects. That’s where Eldridge Homes come into its own. Eldridge Homes will ensure that you will get value and functionality from your space available and a quality built home, development or addition.

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